Monday, January 19, 2004


Today I went to shop for a new cell phone. The phone I had was perfectly fine and worked great, but I really felt the need for a camera phone. 
I really didn't think I would want one of those. In fact, I distinctly remember tellling my sister that I had a good digital camera and that I didn't need a phone that took pics too. But, as I approach this new endeavor of school I all of a sudden feel the need to have a new gadget that will allow me to document this whole adventure. For what? For posterity I guess. For later when I decide "what was I thinking" or something. 
Anyway, so I went shopping for a phone. Around my place the choices are many, yet the choices are so few. I mean we have a lot of companies to choose from, but only a couple that actually work. I have been through a few of them, GTE, I think it's Cingular or something now, not too bad, but very early in the cell phone game so not many services to compare back then, the next one was AT&T, again not awful, then the infamous SPRINT, the worst by far. Now I am with Verizon and all in all I am pretty happy with them, so I decided to stay with them. Better the devil I know and all. 
The next decision was which phone. They only have two so the choice here was limited to say the least. I guess that guys in the store work by number of sales because although he tried to hide it the salesman was pretty happy when after we had sent pics to all the email addresses I knew (well not all) I made a decision. 
I chose to try the Audiovox 8900. They tell me I have 15 days so we'll see. I plan to give this new phone a good workout, so for the next 14 days I will be sending pics to everyone I know and probably some I don't. So watch out you could be next. 
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