Tuesday, May 24, 2005


When classes finished this last semester I decided take a chance and enroll in a very intensive Shakespeare class. The school I go to offers a short short short two week semester in which you cram in absolutely everything you would normally get in a three month semester. Wow, this is truly an experience. I mean not only is all the information for the normal term in there but then throw Shakespeare into the mix and before you know it you are thinking that you just might be able to act this stuff.

I still consider myself a slow study, just the fact that I actually can learn the lines for this stuff with my old brain is such a surprise. I usually do better than I ever thought I could. Granted, we only had a three minute scene to do for this class with about 40 lines each, but we had them learned within a couple of days. I'm pretty impressed, if I do say so myself.

This class was especially interesting to me also because the director had come down from NYC where she had a theatre company called the "Judith Shakespeare Company" and was just a joy to work with. I was very happy to work with her since I am sure I will never get to go the NY myself.

Anyway, all in all, (expect for being away from my honey so much) I enjoyed this experience and feel pretty comfortable with Shakespeare now. I might even find myself auditioning for something Shakespeare in the future, that is if I ever see any parts for my particular age group.