Thursday, July 25, 2013

Simon is on the Fireplace

Ever since Simon came to live with us he seems to been extremely aware of himself and reflections etc. To me this is unusual and shows quite a bit of a sign of intelligence because None of the dogs I have had in the past seem to have any idea of self-awareness. He sees himself in the reflection in the French doors in the foyer in the dishwasher cover, in the television on a regular basis Particularly if there are animals on it and now has discovered himself in the fireplace screen.

YouTube Video

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Dinner with the Crew

Last night we had dinner with the Casa crew, usually a really good time every good company. Actually, last night they were great company but I wasn't.

Even know I've been having the back issue all week I decided I need to go ahead and go because my really wanted to and I just didn't want them to have to go by himself. But, I hadn't taken a second pain pill from the day earlier because the ones I was taking just didn't seem to agree with me. So consequently my night was pretty miserable and we ended up leaving about 8:30 I'm sure considerably before everybody else did.

This was my main entrée but I didn't end up getting to eat a lot of it because just had a muddy taste to it. I'm sure that it was the prawns and the actual type that they were but the sauce and the pasta itself was pretty good.

This is not a restaurant that I would go out of my way to return to. If I lived in the neighborhood I believe I would probably go there occasionally however, it is extremely noisy and there are at least 1 million restaurants in Dallas that are as good or better.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Morning Dog Butt Bath

After having fallen a few days ago and not being a whole lot better I had to give Simon a butt bath this morning all by myself.

At this point Simon weighs about 18 pounds maybe 17 he hasn't been weighed in a couple of weeks. Anyway, he's also still a very squiggly wriggling puppy of 10 months so he's not wild about butt baths. But, we had gone out for his morning constitutional. Before he was finished he saw a couple of other dogs and in the process of me trying to stop him from paying attention to them he sat down on his butt before he was done. OMG! Do you have any idea how much hair is on the back end of the sheltie dog? Let's just say I would kill to have hair that fit.

So, in order for him to be able to come back in the house and not be a total wreck and make everything extremely unsanitary there was no choice but to give him a Butt shower in the sink in the kitchen and he is really heavy at this point. After this I was absolutely trembling with pain and in tears.

What a lovely way to start the morning.

It's a good thing he's cute.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Lunch with My Sister

Today was the day we did our birthday munch for my sister. We went to George Biersch. It was very good.

Do wish I had felt better though. My back is still really sore.


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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baby must sleep

In order for Simon to be a dog at this point still the puppy that you can actually live with he gets a daily nap when he doesn't go to daycare.

That's him the blob on the bottom. Isn't he cute!

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Mothers birthday

For Mothers birthday this year she's in a nursing home in Richardson.

Sandy, Ann, Daddy and I decided to bring up some flowers and Balloons and a cake to her room to have somewhat of a birthday celebration.

Actually, daddy had decided at the last minute to show up. But it seems as if it was a good idea because she was very excited to see him.

She really seemed to enjoy the gesture and it was really a very pleasant time.

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Simon, the dog I thought I'd never get

Simon-my Fur Baby

Here is Simon, and Bailey.
He's 10 months old in this video.

I can't believe I haven't put something on here about him but as I said I sort of forgot that I had this.

He is the canine Love of my life. It scares me actually how much I love this dog.

YouTube Video

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Whoops, I forgot I had this

Obviously, haven't made many entries lately. Somehow I actually forgot that I was doing this.

Yep I'm getting old.

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My back hurts

Last Saturday as I was coming in from walking the dog to go to the bathroom my shoe caught on the edge of my patio and down I went.

I really figured that I would be awfully sore the next day but incredibly I wasn't. However beginning on Sunday that was a whole different story.

My back is been hurting since Sunday mostly on the right side it's my lower back. It's hard to sit, it's hard to lay down, it's hard to bend stretch or move.

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