Saturday, February 7, 2004


A couple of days ago after getting comfortable with my new "very cool phone" I decided to change my username for the email included with my plan. Wow, what a mistake that was. 

The website provided by the carrier provides a place to make changes so you can personalize your phone experience. Now, you might think that if they go to the trouble to provide this service they wouldn't mind if you used it, but no! I mean don't do it unless there is a reallly good reason for it because if you do, well, you are on your own, nobody at Sprint is going to be able to help you when it doesn't go the way it is supposed to and it won't. 

The next time I tried to use my picture sending service after making what appeared to be a successful change nothing happened. I was introduced to that wonderful world of obscure error messages where no one not even Sprint technicians, especially Sprint technicians know what they mean. C1s and T4s who knows? 

Seems that even though the site told me the change was accepted there was someone out there with that name and so when I tried to use the new name nothing happened. I immediately took the phone in to the Sprint Store and was told, "You changed your username, well, that is the problem. THAT'S THE PROBLEM? Call customer support and they will fix it." Isn't CHANGING YOUR USERNAME what they intend you to do when they provide an option to change it? Apparently not. 

The had no answers, they kept talking about "trouble tickets" Several times I suggested to tech support that we could just change the username back (wouldn't that solve the problem?). No they say, that would really screw things up. Just wait and the other techs, whoever they are, will get it fixed. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting.............. 

Anyway, finally three days later, three technicians later, three hours on the phone with those technicians later and three five to seven day trouble tickets later I got sick of dealing with them and fixed the problem myself. You know what fixed it? I changed the username back. Within thirty minutes it's working great. 

Now I wonder how many days it will take to get them to undo all their useless tech support and cancel those tickets? I just hope I can get back to them before they get to those tickets and screw it up again fixing it. 

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