Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Today I'm taking a friend to the hospital for yet another surgery to remove a lump (probably cancerous) from her breast. This is by my best recall the fourth time she has undergone this procedure in the last two years. This is SCARY BUSINESS!

Now most would think that she is a very unlucky, sick little girl and I must admit I would be feeling exactly that same way if this unhappy chain of events had befallen me. I would be scared, depressed and feeling so down. She doesn't see it this way. She is one of those people that believes that everything that happens to her happens for a reason, that they are things sent her way to work out things from her past lives and to make her learn to overcome them. A karma sort of thing I think. So, unless she is quite an actress my friend is none of those down, scared, depressed things. She obviously is not happy about the whole thing, but if a positive attitude will save a person then this female will be with us for many many years to come. During this whole ordeal I have only once seen her down for even the least amount of time and that was after two weeks of some type of chemotherapy and then something as small as cooked rice got her back up on her feet.

Anyway, I guess I am rambling, but this has been on my mind. Even if she doesn't worry, I do. This is my friend, she is very important to me and I can't help but worry about her. She is pursuing very few of the conventional therapies and lot of alternative stuff and I guess I am just not as positive about their ability to keep her safe as she is. Again, there's that positive attitude thing.

But, as I said she is my friend and very important to me and so I will support her and be there for her in whatever she feels is the best course for her personally.

Either way, I'll say my own prayers for her recovery and be there for her. That's what friends do.