Monday, November 29, 2004


One of my very best friends died today.  It was really pretty sudden.  She had a stroke a couple of days ago and today she went away. 

I'm not dancing on rainbows today but I hope she is.  She was the one who would have been telling me today how this was best, she was happy and she had gone to be with God.  She was the one who would be saying for me to remember that her time was past and not to be sad because she isn't now.

I always marveled at that about her.  When she would lose friends to God she would always say, "No I'm not sad, they had a wonderful long and full life".  She did.  She had a wonderful husband who loved her dearly.  He was her soul mate and she was his.  They were the couple I always looked at and said, "Wow, if you want to know what a great love affair is, just look at them". 

I don't know exactly how long they had been married.  I do know that they were together during the Korean War, so it has been a very very long time.  I just know that when they found each other, their world's were completed and they never looked back. 

I know she is in heaven and I know she is as happy as she can be without him.  I know I will miss her tremendously, but I just can't imagine how much he will miss her or how much she misses him already.

I don't think she's dancing on any rainbows yet, but one day she will be.  That will be the day they come together again........................................ I really think they will.