Monday, September 1, 2014

Life is What Happens When You're Making Other Plans

Well, it's been over year since I posted anything at all here. 

Let's see, in August of last year I was still tending to my mother and arguing with my father about my Mother's care because my mom had been taking many turns for the worse as she had been in the nursing home near me.  My father kept telling me because he lived out of town that I was in charge,  but that wasn't the case, he had a lot of trouble not being in control.  

Consequently, that in combination with just life in general my world became one of dealing with my mother's illness, arguing with my father, and trying to stay sane all at the same time.

My mother passed in late February of this year and so I have now had some time to get myself together, calm down and move on.

Since I tend to be rather anxious and have an ADD afflicted personality even in my old age, I become overwhelmed pretty easily and  just haven't  had the motivation to come to this and deal with trying to be entertaining and informative at the same time.

So, by way of this looooonnnngg explanation, I just wanted to say that I sort of lost track and I've now decided that my life is at the point that I am able to pick this back up and hopefully make it interesting for those who read it. Although sometimes I don't know, it feels as if I am talking to myself.

Hopefully, with some much-needed exposure through other blogs and video logs that I have become interested in and have read or watched on a regular basis this past few months and new interests I have picked up lately I can make it interesting enough to pick up a few followers, get to know some new people and get it back on a road to  becoming what I intended it to be.  Wow, that was one big sentence! 

I've actually been posting here I believe since 2000 if you care to go back that far. 

So, I'm going to pick it back up  and give it a shot.  I want to thank those that are out there that encouraged me to get it restarted  (I think you know who you are) so here goes.

Let's get this party started!