Saturday, September 6, 2003


Being fifty and all Daisy decided that if she was ever going to stop the effects of the inevitable aging process the time was now. 
She had a definite fear of getting old and fifty had almost gotten to her. No matter how hard she tried to deny it she was still a grandmother and no matter how often she would sneak by the mirror averting her eyes as she went by so that she could pretend not to notice she continued to age. 
So deciding not to go lightly into that dark night known as old age she knew that she must do the unthinkable. 
She had to diet and exercise. 
The mere thought of it gave her pause. What would life be like trying to force herself to do those things she found so repulsive. Still this evil was not as bad as the evil of old age so gathering all her strength Daisy decided to go for it. 

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