Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, for a while now I have been lamenting the fact that I just am not as young as I was and thing (things on me) are changing.  Really, I mean it's not bad enough that gravity takes over all the body parts but you would think I could at least keep my hair.  Well, no not really.  

Thinning I am thinning, and I don't mean the body no it's the little hairs on my little head.  They seem to be jumping ship, slowly mind you, but still leaving like slow little rats abandoning the ship.  Not only that I'm a girl and the only one in the family that isn't absolutely running over with hair.  But such is life and such is getting older and no amount of dieting and hanging out with teenagers is going to change that.  So, I guess I have to.

That said, yesterday started the new thing, the new keep my hair and maybe grow more thing, my new try to do this twice a day thing.  Yep, Rogaine it is.  Started today.

It's a litte weird.  I mean it is a little embarressing because I don't know well just suffice to say I made my husband buy it so everyone would think it was for him.  But, that didn't last long because we picked up the one for guys and so I had to go back and get the girl one.  It is a little weaker, I guess because we girls are only supposed to be a little bald.  What?  I thought girls weren't supposed to have this problem.  But much as I hate this new routine I would hate being bald so here goes.

My plan is to keep this updated at least weekly with new pictures and stuff so I can keep track of any progress (assuming there is some). (UPDATE:  DIDN'T KEEP YOU UPDATED NOR DID I KEEP TRACK, IT GOT WORSE, I GOT EXTENSIONS, AND AM NOW DOING LASER TREATMENTS.  IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING AND THE EXTENSIONS ARE GORGEOUS, 9/10/10 :)

This is the first entry.  It itches and I have to let it dry without a hair dryer.  But so far it isn't as much trouble as I thought it would be.  I just have to make sure I wash my hands after using it, wouldn't want HAIRY PALMS!!!!!!!!!