Sunday, June 1, 2008


Here ends a recovering of an old Blog I had written several years ago.  It was more along the lines of a commentary on life, mine and others, things I was thinking at the time and doing and just general rambling.  It does not have many pictures.  When I wrote this getting pictures taken and transferred to the internet was a much more involved process than it is now and so you will notice that it is a lot different than what I am doing now.

I am unsure if it is maybe a little more interesting because in a way it provides more insight into me, but then I decided that with the change in technology and the times I was ready to go in a different direction, hence the change. 

So here it is:  The Rest of the Story............................................

Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, for a while now I have been lamenting the fact that I just am not as young as I was and thing (things on me) are changing.  Really, I mean it's not bad enough that gravity takes over all the body parts but you would think I could at least keep my hair.  Well, no not really.  

Thinning I am thinning, and I don't mean the body no it's the little hairs on my little head.  They seem to be jumping ship, slowly mind you, but still leaving like slow little rats abandoning the ship.  Not only that I'm a girl and the only one in the family that isn't absolutely running over with hair.  But such is life and such is getting older and no amount of dieting and hanging out with teenagers is going to change that.  So, I guess I have to.

That said, yesterday started the new thing, the new keep my hair and maybe grow more thing, my new try to do this twice a day thing.  Yep, Rogaine it is.  Started today.

It's a litte weird.  I mean it is a little embarressing because I don't know well just suffice to say I made my husband buy it so everyone would think it was for him.  But, that didn't last long because we picked up the one for guys and so I had to go back and get the girl one.  It is a little weaker, I guess because we girls are only supposed to be a little bald.  What?  I thought girls weren't supposed to have this problem.  But much as I hate this new routine I would hate being bald so here goes.

My plan is to keep this updated at least weekly with new pictures and stuff so I can keep track of any progress (assuming there is some). (UPDATE:  DIDN'T KEEP YOU UPDATED NOR DID I KEEP TRACK, IT GOT WORSE, I GOT EXTENSIONS, AND AM NOW DOING LASER TREATMENTS.  IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING AND THE EXTENSIONS ARE GORGEOUS, 9/10/10 :)

This is the first entry.  It itches and I have to let it dry without a hair dryer.  But so far it isn't as much trouble as I thought it would be.  I just have to make sure I wash my hands after using it, wouldn't want HAIRY PALMS!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Today is obviously the first day of the new year.  I don't tend to think of this as anything very special as a rule.  I feel as if it is just another day, but this year for some reason it seems to be trying to be something more.

I'm not sure why, perhaps it has something to do with how my past year went.  It was sometimes okay, I mean there was some good things about it.  All of my family got through it pretty much unscathed.  My pets are both okay and thriving.  We started a new aquarium  and it is good so far.  I enjoyed spending the year singing with the Jazz Ensemble at the local college, even though every day there was a big fat hairy reminder of just how damned old I'm getting.  

We went to lots of fancy restaurants, ate lots of fancy food.  I had surgery that went well and Bob seems to be in good health, at least he seems to be, as far as we know.  And to be perfectly honest well, we really don't know.  So, we assume that all is well, it feels good.  

But this past year was also a year of sadness, it was a year in which no matter how hard I tried or how hard she tried to deny that it was coming, my best friend Stephanie lost her long battle with cancer and left us. 

It's been particularly difficult for me because aside from losing my best friend I also had to deal with the fact that her family took her away just before she died.  They took her to be with them and to make it easier for them to care for her.  They thought nothing about the friends that she was leaving behind.  They thought nothing about the fact that there were people here that loved her and that she loved.  As much as she denied that she wanted to be there or needed them, in the end they were her familly and she called them to come and get her to take her home, even while she continued to pretend to believe that she was going to live and she would be back.  We all knew better.  It's been hard, very very hard, harder I think because I never got to say goodbye.  She just moved away and then was no more and I miss her.  I sometimes wonder if she really is gone.  I have no proof.

The new year will hopefully be good.  I plan to continue to sing at school and feel old  I plan to continue to be in good health and I also plan for Bob to be healthy.  I  plan to continue to eat lots of fancy food in fancy restaurants. 

And........I plan to find a new friend this year.  I plan to find them, I wonder if they are planning to find me?