Monday, August 22, 2005


Well, the best laid plans, as they say. Three days into the diet and the brother in law comes to town and wants to do nothing but eat, and eat at some of our favorite restaurants. So,,,,,,,,in the interest of being a good host guess what I did? Of course I took him to all the places that just happen to have my very favorite foods and what do you know, I ate everything in site. Throwing all caution to the winds I proceeded to go to The Cheesecake Factory, where with my very healthy salad and diet coke I had a large piece of their cheesecake, yum, it was great, especially after several days of no white food, no potatoes, no pasta, etc. But, as if that wasn't enough we also went to Carrabba's Italian that night, wine, wine, wine, pasta, and obviously nothing that was on the diet, (oh yeah I did skip the bread). The next day was BJ's for lunch, clam chowder and lettuce wraps, (lettuce is good for you) and then to Vincent's Seafood that night, wine, wine, wine, butter sauces, baked potato, crunchy croutons, and fish, (again fish is good for you) so that wasn't bad enough on to desert of carrot cake. Gained two pounds.

So, Saturday back to the diet. I actually did pretty good, I had a meal bar for breakfast, nothing else the rest of the day and then to Nedley's for Fried Mushrooms, ribs and potato salad.

You know I am beginning to think I need to rethink the Zone thing. Maybe I will look at going back to Weight Watchers. I had lots of success with it last time and didn't really feel like I was being told not to have something. That is just the worst thing you can do. I guess we will see, I haven't given up the ship. I still have to get in front of that camera.

You yeah, I did get a Total Gym today, maybe that will help............if I actually use it.

Friday, August 5, 2005


The closer it gets to the day that my new classes start and knowing that I have signed up for a film and television class (you know you look ten pounds heavier on film!) I have decided that the time is now for some serious weight loss. I shuddder to think how I am going to feel seeing myself on camera as my present "not so pleasingly plump" self. So today is the day. Today is the start of a brand new way of eating and slimming and fitting into the clothes that I want to wear, not the clothes I have to wear. Alright, you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's on, it starts now and doesn't end until those size 6 Levi 515 jeans fit very comfortably all the way down to the shirt being tucked in and looking good. Really, I mean it this time.
Actually I have been in some sort of a fried food loop for a while now so this is exactly what I need to at least get away from that. I really don't know what the deal is but it seems like the last six months I just can't seem to have a meal that doesn't have some type of fried something or other.

Well, with "The Zone" or something like it I will have to stop that. It has to be better for me if nothing else, don't you think?
So, I figure if I have to document and live up to everything I plan for this I might have a better chance of success. So, ok,,,,so, ok,,,OK,OK,OK,,,,let's do this thing now!
Ready, set, go.................
Vital Statistics today:
Height 5'2"Weight 140.4 lbs.

Oh my God, I should have started a long time ago.
GOAL: 125 LBS.(That's as far as I am willing to commit at this time)
Tomorrow's is another day