Sunday, July 25, 2010


Since I watched the news conference that Steve Jobs did addressing the complaints on the iPhone 4 I thought this was a pretty funny take on it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Stage 1 - The Getting the Tires Rotated Stage

DH has been after me to be a responsible car owner and "go get the tires rotated".  Why I asked, they rotate everytime I drive :)  But, today like a good little car tire owner I got that over with.

So there it is.....I guess I should wash it occasionally too huh?

Anyway, there should be rewards for being responsible you know, and so it was that when dinner time came I had been so busy being responsible and all that I had no time for grocery shopping so we went out to eat (big surprise right?)

Stage 2 - The Reward Stage

This is where we ended up and man was it good!

It's a very nice, sort of romantic place, dimly lit and the service is outstanding.  

There is also a pretty nice piano bar, but we didn't go in there because it is definitely a meeting place, read that "Meat Market", in there.  But apparently there is a lot of meat to go around, ha!

I had steak and lobster and a nice little potato

DH had Copper River Salmon and Sweet Potato

And then just because we are such nice customers the manager had dessert sent over to us without our even asking.  Not bad :)

It was a very nice dinner and just as fattening as last night's.  Funny just this afternoon I was telling the hubby that I needed new pants.  This must be why :)  

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Today was the day to go to the Half Time report put on at Maggiano's by our financial advisor.  The food was okay and the information was not so encouraging and there was no dessert.  So on the way home we said, "We must have Pie".  So we detoured by Obzeet and had a few extra calories to make us feel better.

Notice the Sign "Restaurant and Tropical Bar".  Well, actually it isn't very tropical, in fact the patio outside sort of looks like a plastic flower manufacturer exploded out there and all the flowers just stuck to the wall.  But, it is very colorful, the food is good, and it definitely has character.

This is inside, it's colorful but the tropicalness is outside on the patio.

This is outside, unfortunately I didn't get pics of the plastic flower covered walls, but there is still character..........

And a pretty decent two man blues band and...........

PIE, PIE, PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Cheesecake!

Strangely it seemed to work.  We definitely forgot about the economy for a short while.  Now we have to also worry about the clogged arteries and our waistlines :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Both my sister and I have or buy most anything we want within reason when we want it so although we don't buy each other birthday presents we always try to spend the day together and do something unusual.

This year we had a "Test Kitchen Day" and cooked a couple of our newest or untried recipes and probably gained a few pounds along the way.  Oh yeah, we also included a Comedian show marathon thanks to streaming Netflix on the PS3.

We started the day with these round pancake thingys and then she made a Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese appetizer.  After that she also did a Bruschetta with sweet red peppers and I made a quick herbed tomato sauce for pasta that we had as our main dish.  Then a dessert of a Apricot (made with fresh fruit) Cobbler of a sort, really good with Blue Bell but not really cobbler :)  

One of the more challenging things we did was "Ebelskivers"

The first ones were filled with Cherry Pie filling and didn't really work great.  We found out it it was a learning process :)

They were good but just not perfect.  So then we changed to filling them with Orange Marmalade and they were much better and sooooooooooo pretty!

All in all we had a very fun, filling and calorie laden day.  It was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Friday, July 9, 2010


Ok, just so you know, these.....
are really, really good!

And, just look at the nutrition info, totally guilt free as far as I can see :)
Get them at "Sprouts"

Monday, July 5, 2010


So, DH and I decided to just spend this July 4th all alone in our own backyard.  I made a Brisket, Potato Salad and Beans and we bought some homemade ice cream, (made by someone else) and got ready for the fireworks.  We ate outside which we don't do very often because of the heat and mosquitoes, but we have lanterns so we tried it.
Dinner was fun and then slowly we weren't alone anymore........
It got dark and everybody got what they had been waiting for!

Then it was over and everybody started to go home, but we really enjoyed it while it lasted :)

Friday, July 2, 2010


Lots of times in the middle of the night Miss Cassie decides that she needs a drink and it is usually just after I have decided to finally go to sleep.  So, the other day I came up with the idea that she needed water in her crate.  She had a bowl that attached to the front gate, but for some reason she kept knocking it off and getting the water everywhere.  So, today I did some remodeling and gave her a built in water bowl.  No way she can tump this one over, this one is attached through the side wall!
Very stylish and uptown don't you think, indoor doggy plumbing!