Wednesday, July 16, 2003


Finally, the headache is finally gone. Had to go to the doctor and get one of those good old antibiotics. He said I probably had a sinus infection. Feeling much better now.. 
I spent the last few days reformatting one of my computers. What a pain in the ass!!!!!!! I know if I wouldn''t screw around with it so much that it wouldn't get so messed up, but I don't know I just have a compulsive need to keep adding stuff and eventually it gets it's little brains scrambled and needs to be reborn. The worst part is the back up. Does everybody but me keep their backups done on a regular basis, if they do they are better than I am. 
Wait, I have to go fix my dog's pillow. She's trying to sit in her spot and look out the window, but the pillows aren't right, so she is pretty much sitting on top of the couch. There that's better. 
Anyway, after a little time of panic over the fact that the backup didn't seem to be going to work, I figured out that it needed to be in the CD writer instead of the CD player and then everything was okay. Thank God, 4 gigabytes of documents. Hooray, it worked and the computer is working great. Great day! 

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