Sunday, July 6, 2003


Blue Mesa Grill 

Blue Mesa Grill - ate there last night. Somehow it just wasn't what I had expected. The decor is one of those that screams minimalism or maybe it just scream we didn't really want to spend very much on decorating so we went with the very least we could and called it North Dallas chic. The impression I got was like they pay more attention to trendiness than the quality of the food they serve. I mean what's up with those weird chips they bring to start with? More like-okay we have these left over potatoes and veggies so lets just "overfry-up" everything that we should be getting rid of, put it on the table and they'll eat it. Give it to Mikie, he'll eat anything!
We had the Sampler Platter on the Appetizer menu. Actually, it was very good. Included was Chicken Nachos, Carmelized Onion Quesadillas, and Chicken Taquitos, all three surrounded by an assortment of the usual condiments, ie. guacamole, sour cream, and an average and pretty bland pico.
By the way, they do have a pretty impressive menu of weird Margueritas. Most of which appear to be things concocted simply to appear again "trendy". The "House Special" Blue Marquerita that my husband had was blue but not particularly impressive. Drinkable, but not memorable.
But, the entree which we decided to split was the Bacon Wrapped Grilled Shrimp. It was served with refried black beans, rice and a pretty good mango salsa. The Shrimp was hot and cold. By that I mean some were very nicely hot, and some were almost stone cold. The rice was average and just warm. The steamed or grilled or whatever that was vegetables were limp and barely warm and the beans the same, just warm.
Service was good though and the prices were very reasonable. All in all Blue Mesa is to my mind a just average Southwestern Restaurant serving just average food, well maybe not quite average considering it sits in the middle of a city that is absolutely over-run with restaurants that are not average but outstanding.
We both agreed upon leaving that we would not go to the trouble of driving across town to eat there again, but if someone suggested it as a place to eat, we would not refuse to eat there.
My impression on this restaurant is three out of five Moonbeams.
Oh yeah, I am not a Restaurant Critic by trade, just by nature (I don't even play one on TV). I live in a city with more great restaurants than you can "shake a stick at", and I eat out at least eight to ten times a week so I've been in a lot of them and know what I like. It's just my opinion, OK?

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