Monday, March 1, 2004


As we grow older some things become harder to accomplish. In particular it seems that finding new friends, real friends, not just someone you know or someone you met one time, but real people, people that you feel a connection with and are happy to call "friends" is very unlikely, but not impossible I guess. So, about five years ago when my husband and I were looking for a new house we happened to meet a salesperson who turned out to be one of those people, one of those people that become so rare later in life, one of those people that you begin a call a friend. 

At the time we met this person she was not in a happy place. She was waiting it seems, (even though at the time she didn't know it) for a new life. Although she seemed happy on the outside, she seemed so happy at that time that I remember thinking that she had it all. She seemed to have a great relationship, (wrong), and was very successful in her chosen path of selling homes. I was somewhat envious. 

Turns out that her relationship was not very happy, in fact it was awful. But, happy day, she recently met a new person to share her life with. She is happy now and life is good. Life is good for her, but her new life is proving to be good for me and my husband because her new soul mate appears to be another one of those rare people that we will be able to call a friend. We have spent some time with her and her new significant other and have so far had great times. We hope to have many more. What can I say? 

Here's to new friends and new friendships. Long may they to speak. 

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