Tuesday, March 2, 2004


Saturday night we were the recipients of a dinner cooked by a chef friend of a friend. 

Among the many offerings of Chef Alan that night were a very hot and so yummy Artichoke Dip, a Fried Calamari appetizer with two sauces, a red seafood cocktail sauce and an excellent roumalade, both freshly made. The salad course was a favorite standby of Caesar Salad and the Caesar Dressing Alan made just before serving, well my husband is still talking about how good it was. The main dish or should I say dishes were two slightly out of the ordinary pizzas. The crusts of both were made with a variety of grains including barley and flax seed, very creative. And the toppings were just as unusual. One of them was made with a marinated chicken, a pesto like base and cheese , one with carmelized onions, bacon and blue cheese, half and half, each different. The other was made with an assortment of grilled vegetables, mushrooms, basil, tomatoes, and cheese, Pizza Marguerita style, half and half, each different. Wow, it was very good.  The crusts were a little strange, but the topping was very good.  Desert was not made by our friend's chef, but it was just as good and strange. This desert was made by our other great dinner companion. Let me tell you about this desert. First of all, I loved it. In fact I was just today thinking that I would liked to have gotten the recipe and I intent to do that. But, you have to get past the name of this thing then you will see it is really good. It is called "Frog Eye Salad". I really liked it. Good job. 

Actually the whole dinner was unusual and good. So humbling to know that people have gone to sooooooooooo... much trouble for little ole me. I can't wait to do it again. 

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