Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've been getting letters from my Homeowner's Association about my violations of the Community Covenants and Declarations to keep my painted stuff painted.  And I have TEN DAYS to correct the very very offensive offending wrought iron fence. it is, the problem that is making our neighborhood look bad.

I agree, it could use some paint, but really we are talking over a thousand dollars of paint and labor here as this fence is 65 feet long and I think it needs to get a little, well actually a LOT worse before I spend that much money to paint it.  I mean you can't even see it from the street.  You can see it from the sidewalk if you really pay attention, and you can absolutely see it from a couple of inches away.  Really, give me a break.

So I am going to do a self repair until I feel it is bad enough to warrant the concern they have for it.  I am going out tomorrow, brush off the top layer of each rust spot and give it a squirt of SPRAY PAINT and voila, painted fence, no rust.  Probably won't exactly match, but YEP IT WILL BE PAINTED :) and they can shut the hell up!

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