Tuesday, January 18, 2005


My classes started back today. Third semester, you would think this would be old stuff by now. I didn't sleep much more than a wink or two all last night, decided I must have been either nervous or anxious about the new classes since I took not one but two sleeping pills and was still awake at 5 am. Funny, because I really didn't feel nervous, but I guess the unknown factor was having some kind of effect on me. 

It was really an okay day. I mean other than the fact that I didn't get the voice instructor I had been hoping for the classes seem like they are going to be fine. I still haven't given up on the instructor either, I went into begging mode today and he did say there was one more tiny bit of hope and he would let me know tomorrow. I really will be surprised if anything comes of that but he said in class that he wasn't above begging if he wanted to work with someone, so I thought I would try it. If this doesn't work I intend to offer money next. Surely that will work. 
So that class is just a wait and see at this point. 

I do think that I will have to work on getting my nerves under control though. It occurs to me that if I intend to seriously do anything with this in the time I have left and considering the money and time I am spending I really ought to get over it already. Anybody with any suggestions for a way to do that? I'm open for suggestions, lots of suggestions. 
The stage movement class should be interesting also. I was very happy to see that several of the kids from the improvisation class are there and that really should help a lot. For some reason I became very comfortable working with them and so I know that should help with this class too. There are a lot of people in there and so there are a lot of people I have to meet and convince that I "totally fucking rock" as Audra so delicately put it last year. I am at least 25 to 30 years older than all of them and so I have to get them to not think of me as their mother. Hell, I have to get myself to a point where I don't think of me as their mother. At least this isn't an improvisation class so I don't have that to deal with. Yippy! 

So tomorrow is the Guitar class, actually it is more like lessons because I am auditing the class and so there is no pressure or grades. Haven't decided yet if I am going to take the tests or not. It seems like I should at least play them so that the instructor can see where I am, but even then there is no pressure since there is not grade. I think though that it would be good to be able to be absent on test days too. So we'll see. 

Also tomorrow is the Stage Management class. This is the one that will take all the time I think. I am really anxious to get there tomorrow and see how many people there are and what this thing is all about. I can see where it could be interesting and where it could be too demanding, especially if I intend to do any shows at all during the semester. 

Well, time to get back to the routine. Man I wish I had done this when I was lots younger, had more energy and looked better. 

At least I still totally rock.

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