Sunday, February 6, 2011


A guy knocked on my door this morning.  He had to tell me he had done this:

That used to be my mailbox and it used to be about ten foot to the left in the grass.  

So we called the police to get a report and then the policeman, tow truck driver and the guy that hit the box and his wife proceeded to try to move all the debris off the driveway.  I didn't help.

We have to have a temporary box until the insurance and the Brick Doctor can get this one replaced.  So DH and Daddy who by this time was here with Mother for tomorrow's Attorney's appointment had to make concrete, assembly the new temporary one and get it up for the next day's mail.

Actually all said and done I'm sort of excited that he did this because now I get a new one that is going to be a lot better and prettier :)

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