Monday, June 21, 2010


This is a dying restaurant.  We ate here tonight.....well we tried.  The name is the Rose Tattoo and when it first opened the chef "James Rose" was a very nice looking chefly, nice white jacket, sort of friendly guy and was doing pretty good.  But, then apparently something went wrong.  It was probably the economy as much as anything because the food was good, a little overpriced, but really good.

Tonight though was our last trip.  Apparently this place is hanging on by a thread and the food was terrible.

This is a ten dollar cheese plate.  Can you see the cheese, there it is on the far left, one inch slice of Brie and on the right that small little disc of some type of goat cheese.  Oh yeah, a few pistachios, four apple slices, a dap of two obviously jarred jellies and a couple of olives.  Ten Bucks!  The rest of the dinner was so bad I just don't want to talk about it.

This is a dying, in the throws of death restaurant and I don't intend to be there for the funeral.

Oh yeah, forgot the chefly fellow that owns the place now is the only waiter and wear a sloppy shirt, not tucked in, shorts and FLIP FLOPS!, and I'm pretty sure he has lost about thirty pounds.  I think he just needs to put this place and himself out their misery.

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