Saturday, June 11, 2005


Yesterday was a very sad day at my house. I awoke to find my "monster under the bed", sleeping more gently than I have seen him sleep since he came to live with us. 

He was laying peacefully as if only sleeping, under my bed, directly below where my head was on my pillow. He was one to stick very very close to me, followed me anytime I moved where ever we were and I have chosen to think that he picked that particular spot under me and could feel my presence just above him. I feel better thinking this is true and that it gave him comfort knowing I was so close. 

Love and Loyalty, you could see it in his eyes. 

I would have loved for him to always slept that easily although I wouldn't have chosen for him to have gone to dreamland never to return, but that was the case. 

Sometime during the night his body gave out and his soul silently left this earth and started it's journey to the "Rainbow Bridge" finally at rest, to play and wait painlessly and fearlessly now, (he was so afraid of everything having been abused early in his life). He moved very slowly due to past injuries, illnesses we were treating and apparently illness we were unaware of.

We did everything we could to make all that better but he never really seemed to be completely comfortable. I will miss him terribly but now know that he was probably in much more pain than we had realized and so I am sure this is a better thing for him. 

Max loved his pack and we loved him too and so.......

To you Max, even though we can't see you under the bed or following along behind us patiently, painfully getting up and down as we move from room to room I know you are at the bridge watching and waiting till you can get your pack back together again. We love you.

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