Monday, April 5, 2004



Recently I wrote about one of my new (new being one that began in adulthood) friendships and how important it was to me and it got me to thinking. I don't just have one friend I definitely have several.

Actually, I have developed a number of very important friendships in the past few years. Aside from my husband who is not just my true love but my best friend of the male persuasion and my sister who obviously will always be my closest friend of the female persuasion, I can think of at least three additional people that I have met recently that I count as true friends. All in the past say ten years. Heck of a deal.

This strikes me as a little strange though since I had the same one friend all through my formative years. Really just the one that meant anything. I think maybe I was a little too comfortable in that relationship because I don't remember any room for others. For the most part there really just wasn't a need.

But then a few years ago, well at this point it has been more than a few years, my one friend left me for a man. Shocked? Don't be we were "just friends" and heterosexual to boot. So when the man of her dreams appeared and lived in San Francisco she moved away. At the time I didn't have what I would really call any other true friends.

But I do now.
Happy Days, Good Friends, Life is Good!

Oh, just in case you are wondering or trying to identify yourself: One of my new friends is very spiritual and the best car/house sales person I know, one is actually one and is part of a "couple" of friends that make me hope I will always be as close to my love as they are to each other (to me the perfect example of what a marriage should be) and the other is a very "ethereal" personality and has provided friendship and presents that will always keep me warm, especially on my birthday. Other than those if you don't recognize yourself, well what can I say, maybe you're on that other list 

I'm a lucky lucky girl.................................................................very lucky

By the way, if you're family you're on the list by default.

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