Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Dallas 7 day Forecast

Winter storm blog: Schools closed again Wednesday

5:02 a.m. Things are getting worse out there, and there are another four to five hours before things start winding down, with snow flurries and snow showers occurring across North Texas. Rain transitioned into sleet just after 4 a.m. in the Dallas area. The roads in Dallas and Tarrant counties are getting very icy right now. There is still rain in our eastern counties, but that too will soon turn to sleet and snow. In areas to the west, such as Decatur and Gainesville, areas have already seen three to four inches of snow. 
Temperatures continue to fall, with 21 degrees in Fort Worth, 29 in Dallas and 20 in Denton. Sustained winds are at 26 in Fort Worth, 24 in Dallas and 29 in Denton. A wind advisory has been issued for areas across Dallas-Fort Worth.
We've had thunder-sleet and thunder-snow happening. It's a very intense system that is moving through the area. At about 6 a.m., the sleet and freezing rain will move off to the eastern areas such as Corsicana and Terrell. And by 9 a.m., snow should be falling across a large chunk of North Texas. Things will begin winding down around noon. - WFAA meteorologists Greg Fields and Pete Delkus, 

6:36 a.m. News 8 has confirmed D/FW has suspended all flights. - WFAA
6:33 a.m. American Airlines has reported that they have suspended service at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. A spokesman cited high winds as the reason for the closure. - WFAA
6:13 a.m. DART is suspending rail service. DART has reported that crews are working to restore the service, but say precipitation and high winds are making that difficult. DART also reported delays on the Trinity Railway Express. - WFAA
7:04 a.m. The overnight rain turned into heavy sleet at 4:30 a.m. The roads in Plano and Collin counties are covered with ice. It is very slippery and treacherous. The winds have really kicked up. - Steve Stoler in Plano, WFAA

City sand trucks provide traction for Super Bowl teams

You may have had trouble getting to work Tuesday if you went in. That's because you probably didn't have your own escort of sand trucks.
But the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers did — all the way from their hotels to Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.
The ordinary North Texas motorists who ventured out on the streets Tuesday — like Gary Bell — often found themselves almost driving in place.
“Very dangerous, but got to be very careful, that's all," Bell said.

Wouldn't he like to have his own sand truck escort like the NFL championship teams? "That'd be beautiful,” Bell said.

But during Super Bowl week in North Texas, not all drivers and passengers are created equal.
Outside the Steelers' Fort Worth hotel Tuesday morning, city trucks scattered a coating of sand. Then, after the team loaded up on buses and headed east on Interstate 30 through Fort Worth, the sand truck led the way, providing a gritty pathway.
A city spokesman described the sand truck escort as part of the agreement with the North Texas Super Bowl Host Committee to get the Steelers around safely.
In Irving, the Packers received the same treatment. Two city sand trucks led the way on State Highway 161 toward Arlington, pulling away while still in Irving.
Both cities say they expect the special treatment to be reimbursed.
“That information is provided to our city and then it is submitted to the Host Committee, who will look into reimbursement for those particular items and manpower that we used toward the Super Bowl,” said Irving police spokesman Officer John Argumaniz.
Though city taxpayer funds are reimbursed with state tax dollars in a state trust fund, the escorts still rub some drivers the wrong way.
"If I could be Steeler for one day, it'd be today,” Bell said.

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